About Me

190525_WM-1062Hi!  My name is Rachel McCroskey- and here’s my story.

After receiving my degree in Business Admin from the University of Tennessee, I moved to Atlanta to begin my corporate career.  I became an Event Coordinator, and was working in a field that I loved.  I was also playing rugby, which I had been playing since I was a freshman in high school.

After a year and half of doing what I thought I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, I started to feel certain things in my body.  I experienced IBS; I contracted strep throat, which I had never had in my life; I had a series of sinus infections and sustained several injuries.  I was struggling with anxiety and stress, and my relationships were strained.  I hated my body and the way it looked, and I struggled with self-confidence.  I had this uneasiness in my gut that I couldn’t get rid of- a sense of knowing that I was not where I needed to be.  Finally, I decided I needed to move on.49050808_10219056251622952_2643959207170146304_o

I wish I could say that when I quit my job and traveled to New Zealand my troubles were over, but that was not the case.  I continued to have my own health issues, and on top of that, a full-blown quarter-life crisis!  I traveled all around the country and worked a string of odd jobs, mostly outdoors on farms.  I discovered that working and living off the land is a passion of mine, and East Tennessee, my home, was where I needed to live.

So in 2015 I moved home to Walland, and I began my wellness journey.  Since moving home I have discovered yoga, which has helped heal my body from years of injury.  I live a more seasonal life, growing food for myself and family and continually being a part of nature.  I have taken major steps in self-discovery and self-acceptance, and I am loving myself and my body more and more every day.  This journey has brought me to a level of health I have never experienced before, which I strive to maintain and improve upon.

In 2018, I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I have since completed the Health 20170720_202631Coach training program.  Over the year-long training process,  I learned about dietary theory, holistic nutrition and disease prevention, in addition to coaching techniques.  My education furthered my path of health and self-discovery, and is allowing me the opportunity to help people on their own path.  In February of 2020, I became a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the NBHWC.

Becoming a part of nature and learning about our food system has been a major factor in my health education.  I now understand that the health of our planet and quality of our food are directly related to our personal health and quality of life.  That is why my family and I started Four Daughters Farm.  Four Daughters Farm is centered around regenerative agriculture, producing quality, naturally grown products for ourselves and the surrounding community.  I believe healing starts with connecting to nature and becoming apart of the food system- a connection I hope to create through farming and health coaching.20200305_095228

I attribute my current state of health and happiness to my own journey, and the support I have received from my close friends, partner and mentors.  My mission now is to guide others on their journey to healing, wellness, and happiness.