I have had the incredible honor of working with some amazing clients.  Here is what they have to say about our time together.

“Rachel has been a joy to work with.  Her kindness and encouragement have been so helpful to me.  I feel I have learned a lot about incorporating healthy eating and lifestyle choices into my life.”

-VP, June 2019

“Willing to work around my needs and personality.  Uses different strategies to enable me to meet my goals.  Not a ‘one size fits all’ coach.”

-JP, June 2019

“I can’t thank Rachel enough for providing me with the tools I needed to work on improving my overall health- not just weight/diet.  She helped me learn that it’s okay to not feel guilt when I do choose certain things.  My stress and anxiety have improved, and I also learned that I don’t have to work out 4hrs/day when not on call.”

-MC, Nobember 2019